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You hate shopping and you never have “anything to wear”. If there’s a big function,
whether it’s themed or not, you go into full out anxiety because you don’t know what to
wear, how to wear what you have, or you simply have not created that effortless and
easily accessible wardrobe.
Whether you’re a corporate cutie, Entrepreneur, or a Busy Boss, it is important that your
appearance exudes that you indeed stand on business. Board meetings, Keynote
speaking, podcasts, presentations; you have to be “PRESENT” to present.
All of your dedication and hard work in your industry, your wardrobe should accurately
describe who you are, what you do, and how you ARE the solution to your clients’
Let’s talk confidence…. Once we identify your personal and style brand, your
confidence will indeed elevate and catch the attention of potential clients. Don’t believe
me? Ask my clients.
In my 16 years’ experience of image consulting, I’ve come across some of the most
intriguing clients. From the introverts, extroverts, I’ve serviced every personality and
pulled them completely from their shells.
What to Expect:
- One hour luxury consultation in my Downtown office, light bites, a free and
valuable gift, champagne, or wine. This service will be done prior to your VIP
- At the consultation, I will take your measurements, provide a style assessment,
and educate you on how to style on ready to wear ensemble.
- Body analysis and digital flat lay of what to wear of two ensembles.
- VIP DAY: Up to six hours of shopping at local retail stores and malls to include six
(6) full looks).
- Out-of-state VIP Day is available with an adjusted investment.
- Black Car/Luxury transportation service and lunch reservations at fine dining
- Client appreciation gift basket.
- The expense of your wardrobe is separate from the investment.
I’m looking to partner with five Power Players who are ready to elevate their
personal and brand style! Your NEW awaits you!

Thee Style Tour

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