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Global Brand & Image Consultant, K. Newsom and her closest heart friends share intimate situations of their twenty plus year friendship and how they are able to support each other and celebrate their wins without jealousy. The panel will also discuss how they handle hardships, significant losses as well as how to maintain a genuine and authentic friendship while being a wife, business owners and a corporate powerhouse.


The guests will have an opportunity to ask the panelists questions about similar situations they are dealing with regarding a challenging friendship, new "friendships" but you're hesitant to take it to the next level due to trust issues, friendships mixed with business, friendships when marriage and children are involved and much more! This is going to be JUICY, CONFIDENTIAL and nothing will be held back! Afterall, we are GROWN, RIGHT?!


In an intimate setting of where all the vibes are created; our guests will enjoy the finest of champagne, cocktails and fine dining. Guests will meet and network with other professional women while enjoying smooth jazz as well as receiving a high end thank you gift bag filled with quality essential products! Grab your bestie and join K. Newsom and friends!

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